A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Unleash your inner stunt pilot and soar through beautifully stylized environments.

Note: Early Access on itch.io is now closed. If you'd like to support us, please back us on Kickstarter!!

Faceted Flight brings tight controls, retro sci-fi art, and a great soundtrack together to deliver a fun and thrilling Virtual Reality experience.

As a pilot in Faceted Flight, you'll take the helm of a variety of aircraft and soar through beautifully stylized environments. We offer three main classes of aircraft: Hover-Jet, Hover-Chair, and Power Glider. Each of these aircraft offer a unique flying experience.

In Faceted Flight you'll travel to Airfields where you can participate in speed-based events like Racing or Ring Attack....or you can take it at your own pace with Exploration events.

If you've played Starfox or Pilotwings, you'll feel right at home.

Development began in June of 2014 in Matt's garage with an Oculus Rift DK1. After months of revising controls, upgrading to new headsets, and working out bugs, he sent a demo to TheRiftArcade.com resulting in the headline: "Faceted Flight has blasted out of nowhere onto the VR landscape..." Shortly after, Matt began collaborating with other developers, musicians, and concept artists, and they've been cranking away ever since.

Faceted Flight has been entirely self-funded, but we're running out of dough! With your support, we'll be able to continue working with great artists, musicians, designers, and engineers to build the best experience possible.

After almost a year of prototyping and demoing at VR events all over the country, we're ready to expand Faceted Flight from a fun prototype into a full-featured game.

The next chapter in Faceted Flight's story is going to be awesome but we need your help to cross the finish line. Please back us on Kickstarter!

<UPDATE 3/11> Revisions and Bug Fixes! (PC & PC_VR only)

Added new Gate models and Effects. Still remind you of Superman64?

Revised all Flight Patterns

Fixed Bug where Control Options C and D were mislabeled

Revised Flight Controls (Let me know what you think!)

Big thanks to L0g1c4LR3d3mpT10N & @fenderf4i for helping spot bugs!

<UPDATE 3/2> Added GDC Demo to Early Access

Added our GDC demo for Early Access pilots. It's not as stable as our "normal" releases, but we wanted you to see what's new. :)

<UPDATE 2/20> Alpha 0.56

Fixed bug w/ controls in the Demo. Huge thanks to bug finder: Lunchbox!


Please let me know if it's not working!

<UPDATE 2/11> Alpha 0.55

Fixed bug preventing control schemes from working properly. HUGE THANKS TO L0g1c4LR3d3mpT10N

<UPDATE for Early Access 12/20>

Added New Mode - Canyon Run


This game is currently unavailable

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